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News: Welcome to the Battlezone Command Community.
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10 Jun 2011 - Battlezone II v1.3.6.1 Public Beta released

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that the Battlezone 2 patch version Public Beta has been released. You can download it from .

Major features of v1.3.6.1 Public Beta:
- Reduced warp/lag for MP
- Tweaked network code for better performance with lots of players in game.
- Various other fixes and optimizations.

07 Mar 2011 - Battlezone II Sunday Night Live

Everyone might of thought that the total shutdown of would greatly affect the Bz2 community. Last Sunday we saw the decade-old called Battlezone 2 come back to life with alot of users deciding to launching Battlezone II with the 1.3 public beta 6. It seems the 1.3 patch is getting more popular..

Below is a screenshot of the game sessions of the 1.3pb6 game sessions with atleast 30 people hosting 12 different sessions.  

Click image for larger View size.

Long Live Battlezone II!!

06 Mar 2011 - Forgotten Enemies for PB6 V2 Released!

Forgotten Enemies (FE) for Battlezone II: Combat Commander, Patch 1.3 Public Beta 6: v2 is ready for testing (emphasis on testing).

The zip/7z is 247,667 KB and will unzip to a little over 335 MB on disk.

I'm including a startup cfg which you'll have to point to in a shortcut, like this:

C:\Battlezone\bzone.exe /config FE13.cfg

There are 9,758 files in FE, so the probability that i jacked something up is high, so please report here any and all bugs that you find.

Known issues:

FE was tested using cheat ships (saves me a ton of time), so things will most likely *NOT* be balanced.

Please keep an eye open for AIP stalls and idle units, plus problems with tech trees, DLL, Portals, weapon ranges, damage irregularities, etc.

Hadean pilot wireframe is wrong (need to make one).

Looks like the range of the Drath's flame is off a bit.

Only special enemy AI ships can use the portals now.

Going to put sniped ships on the neutral team in DM (eventually).

Cerberi are not working in IA 3-way (yet). I'll post the 3-way DLL once i add them.

Edit: Squirrel was kind enough to host it 8-)

~Orginally Posted By Red Devil

Zip is ready for downloading now Download Found Over Here...

DELETE Your existing FE13_PB61_Addon and FE13_PB61_Maps folders before installing. I moved most everything into the pak file.

21 Feb 2011 -

Squirrelof09 has launched He is still working on it's contents.  Changed menu link from to since the old database is now gone.

20 Feb 2011 - Bzuniverse is dead

For those not aware, Battlezone Universe is no more. More details on why in the future but for now I will simply say some lunatic went 'missing' for a week, stole the family car, drove across the country, and vandalized CW's property.

From what I hear some people have moved to, however, while there is nothing wrong with that site, those members who made it their mission to attack BZU do make their base there alongside the other fair and normal members.

Nathan Mates has set up a forum at that now holds Battlezone II 1.3 Development and Battlezone 1 1.5 development as well as some sections similar to those from BZU.

I am working on improving as the purpose for its creation has sadly come to pass and hope to have it fully up to date, integrated, and running with a nice Black on White theme option for those who have issues with the current color scheme.

GreenHeart long ago created, around when I created BZCx, to hold tutorials and guides.

These are the sites, this is the situation. We have recovered nearly all data lost from BZScrap and will be making a mirror public at some point in the future.

Remember that in loosing BZU the 1.3 development was not lost, but what was lost was the long time meeting place for the Battlezone II community and all its versions and mods.

Information Reported By Nielk on bz2md,
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