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News: Welcome to the Battlezone Command Community.
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17 Dec 2012 - Notice: Battlezone 2 online multiplayer is not functional.

Gamespy's cancellation.

On October 8, 2012, Gamespy stopped responding to Battlezone 2 queries, so searching for BZ2 games online will fail. The best temporary workaround is to use GameRanger which can help arrange games. A longer term fix will require a new BZ2 patch. For more information, see this page. If you need help with Gameranger, or matchmaking in general, please visit the forums.

To find games online, get GameRanger, linked from that page.

Orginally posted at

14 Apr 2012 - Voting on wishlist

Did you cast your VOTE or are you neglecting your job to help keep the community alive?

Results as of 2:20p.m.  4/14/2012
Battlzone 693
Battlezone II 609 voting still going on, your vote could help get them to legally sell battlezone & allow users to download it to their pc to play.  This is the major step in making this Community alot bigger & come back to life....

Just following the link below & type the name battlezone in the search box to get it to appear in the list AFTER you register & login..


08 Apr 2012 -

Vote at to carry Battlezone 1/2.
.  Just make sure you register & login to vote.  Smiley

23 Sep 2011 - Battlezone II v1.3.6.2 Public Beta released

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that the Battlezone 2 patch version Public Beta has been released.

You can download it from .
Mirror & Direct link to patch:

Major features of v1.3.6.2 Public Beta:
- Reduced warp/lag for MP
- Tweaked network code for better performance with lots of players in game.
- Various other fixes and optimizations.

Legal disclaimer
This Battlezone II Combat Commander 1.3 patch comes with no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Except when otherwise stated in writing the copyright holders and/or other parties provide the package "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and the accuracy of the information contained within it. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the package is with you.

According to the publisher, the last officially supported patch is the 1.1 patch.

-- GSH

24 Jun 2011 - Battlezone II v1.3.6.1 Test Builds

Due to negative response to 6.1, two test builds have since been released to the public with the aim of tracking down and eliminating the issues. Visit to download the latest version.
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