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Author Topic: 1.3 Public Beta 5.1 released !!!  (Read 2768 times)
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« on: September 06, 2009, 08:31:00 PM »

See for download info.

Download from FilePlanet:  Unofficial Patch 1.3 v5.1

The major improvements of 1.3 public beta 5.1, compared to the last release (tech alpha 5) are:

- Performance optimizations to DirectX 9 graphics, most noticeably in the terrain rendering. Satellite view should be far faster, especially on slower machines
- EMBM bumpmaps work once again. High res shadows are re-enabled, but still just as buggy as it's always been (since Battlezone II v1.0)
- Local fog should look better
- Various crash bugs fixed
- Max vertex count for models has been upped to 20,000 verts/model; old limit was 2730 verts/model. No stock assets have higher poly counts, but mods may take advantage of that.

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